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for an airplane in malaysia, and you have these girls that need us now. >> if this happened in the u.s. and not nigeria, i mean, you can only imagine what would be done to try and find them, right? >> that's what i keep saying. if this was someone, if this was girls in the u.s. or in the united kingdom, anywhere else that were white, sorry to say, they would be home now and be in their beds. i believe the world has become decent tiesed to what's happening in africa. we need to see what's happening there, and know it is a reflection of what our whole entire country could become. if we do not step in and rescue these girls, what are we saying to the future about the importance of education and the importance of helping each other? >> these girls we know were taken in the dead of night. why do you think they were taken and what is your greatest fear for them? >> i believe they were taken to sell and to be used as slaves and my greatest fear is that many of them have been killed, many of them have been raped, and that they are in really dangerous situations right now, and that because th
to happen. zillow. . all right, back now to that new phase in the hunt for flight 370. malaysia's men industry believed the disappearance of the flight. it revealed stunning details of what happened in the minutes and hours after the plane vanished. i want to bring in my panel of aviationists. david, you first, we learned there was a miscommunication rather for nearly four hours. it seems like an eternity, what does this say to you about the airline's confidence? >> i can say it was about the same with air france 4-4472, you have cases like that, there is some reluctance in cases to claim the plane is missing. so you know after air france 447 there were a number of things we hoped to never see, here we are almost literally in the same boat. >> do these missteps are pronounced because of the scale of this investigation? >> well, i think that's true. they are significantly pronounced because of the disconnect. one thing stands out amazingly, glaringly, in their report. >> that is they went back. it was four hours had passed. the report says the military went back and reviewed tear radar
developmentles in the hunt for malaysia airlines 123e7b9. a u.s. official tells cnn the u.s. agreed only to extend the deployment of this under water searching device until late next week the blue fin drone finished its 18th under water mission yesterday. it has not found traces on the indian ocean ploor t. hunt for the plane has expend tended 1,000 miles away. cnn has more. >> reporter: the acting transport minister here in malaysia is speaking more about that search happening in the bay of bengal for the possible krek wreckage. this is a fuse release. they say there are three ships in that area, including a survey ship. one is equipped with sonar technology to allow crews to look for debris they are looking for quebecage that may be floating there they say it's highly unlikely anything will be found in the bay of bengal on monday, there is a meeting coming up, where officials from malaysia, australia and coin will get together to come up with a blue print for how to proceed in the weeks and months ahead. we know it could cost an estimated $60 million this meeting will allow officials h
in kuala lumpur, malaysia. will, any reason for the addition of the third ship? >> reporter: hey, guys. no reason has been given to why there are three ships in the bay of bengal. keep in mind, these were ships not involved in the search off western australia. this is the bangladeshi military to send ships in the area. one ship has the side-scan sonar technology to scan the floor to see if it can find the trace of debris. that's important. the water in this area is not as deep as it is off western australia. these ships, according to the officials here in malaysia, should have the tools capable to scan the surface and see if there is debris floating. unlikely considering we're in week nine here. also, there is the side-scan sonar to put to work as well. the tone that we're hearing here in kuala lumpur is that for now, they will wait and see what the ships in bangladesh find before making a decision to divert additional resources which would be expensive and take away time from the primary search area off western australia. >> i have to think this is a topic of conversation on monday wi
and have a look at what was there. yes, the acting minister for transport in malaysia's made it quite clear he thinks it's a waste of time. he's also said he's, you know, when they go and they find nothing. and people will be questioning them why they bothered and what have they lost by doing it? but they have no choice. if somebody comes up and says we've got 23 scientists, including 12 ph.d.s and we believe that this is -- we've found the plane. you've got to go and investigate. and you've got to go and do it in as damage limitation way as you possibly can. >> even though this may be another huge false positive for these families? >> it's even worse than a false positive. may just be false. >> yeah. >> but what's the alternative, brooke? the alternative is for the authorities to say that we think this is a load of total nonsense, it's absolutely no way and we're not going to. and what happens when the families in beijing, right now they're being sent home. but the families in beijing say how dare you not at least go and have a look. so what i'm guessing, and what i know is they are doing
of experts done here in malaysia has led them to the plane that absolutely at least or as far as their best educated guess is in the southern indian ocean when weeks in we still don't have a single piece of debris. >> let's ask peter about it. why are malaysian officials so sure? >> well, i think everything that they have, and granted, it's not a great deal, i mean, they've got the handshakes and the radar that shows the plane starting to head in that direction. and that's what they've got. and their best guess, their best estimates, are it's off of perth. now, they are going to bring in a new group and look at this data and see if they come up with the same solution. in terms of the bay of bengal, i mean, when i helped investigate twa flight 800, we had numerous claims that it was, you know, electromagnetic, that it was space junk, that it was a missile. we investigated all of them. and at this point unfortunately we're obligated to do that on malaysian flight 370. >> back to will for just a second and i want to focus a little bit more on this preliminary report that was released yesterday
. when you heard the voice say good night malaysia flight 370. there was no indication that that plane's transponders and devices that helped the plane communicate would be switched off and the plane disappeared from radar and 17 minutes before anybody noticed it was the vietnam air traffic control that checked in and said what's going on with 370 and that's when they realized hey, it's no longer on our radar screen. more troubling according to many experts is that four-hour period before search planes were launched. that was 5:30 in the morning even though they knew for hours that something was wrong. there was so much confusion. at one point, kuala lumpur was told that the plane might be in cambodia air space. there was a lot of wasted time before there was a plane sent up to get in the air and look for the aircraft with 239 people that was by then very far off course, flying somewhere. we don't have the answer to the biggest question of all which is where did this plane go? why? and where is it right now? that's the answer that the families need. >> after the relatives were told to
with breaking news. a new transparency in the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. just minutes ago, finally, malaysia's government made public its first report on the plane's final known moments. the big headline for you, the plane had vanished for a full 17 minutes before officials even took notice. and yet it took a remarkable four hours, four hours, before an official rescue operation was launched. it is the government's most thorough accounting yet of what investigators know or suspect. cnn's will ripley has been sifting through this report. he joins us from malaysia's capital, kuala lumpur. tell us more, will. >> reporter: hey, carol. yeah, this is a five-page report and other supporting documents attached to it. we've been going through them. here are the things that really stand out. you talk about those 17 minutes when nobody even noticed the plane was missing. okay. that said, then we talk about the four hours where what we see here, this is a report that kind of describes all of the events that were happening over those four hours. and what it says to me, carol, is that t
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" contends that, quote, there are too many big unanswered questions surrounding the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370 that need reliable answers. the world should now count on america to solve this problem and answer those questions. after all, this is why the world has an america. let's talk about this. i'm joined by aviation analyst miles o'brien, ocean search specialist rob mccallum. welcome, gentlemen. >> hello. >> miles, is it time? malaysia put together this special team including people from the united states. why not then take the lead? >> i've been saying this all along that in the case of an incident like this, you need a nation that has demonstrated expertise in this particular kind of investigation. if you look the world over, there aren't many nations that have, and certainly no nation has more experience than the united states of america. i think probably it would be better if it was couched in terms of an international investigation, drawing on all the resources of places like australia, great britain, france, that all had very competent, similar structures than the
for the families. >> i'm here to represent hundreds of family members from malaysia 370. >> as the families confront the planemaker. >> they don't want your sympathy. what they want is answers to their questions. >> you're live in the "cnn newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- >>> good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. right now 75 million americans find themselves in the path of a storm system that is both sprawling and deadly. >> oh, jesus. there's cars that have been tossed. >> the violent weather first erupted yesterday killing at least 29 people in six states. weather experts had warned of the growing threat for days, but the ferocity erupted with shocking speed. this alabama fire station torn apart as the rig sat parked. and a meteorologist in tupelo, mississippi, pleaded with viewers to take cover until the approaching threat forced him to follow his own advice. >> this is a tornado ripping through the city of tupelo as we speak. and -- this could be -- deadly. let's go tower cam. basement, now. let's go. let's go. now. >> frightening situation. cnn ha
. >> malaysia's first report is due out this week. should malaysia continue its role as the lead investigative unit or should they get someone else to take charge? there were a lot of experts looking at this. >> i don't believe that malaysia is trying to hide anything. there is an open book policy essentially going forward. the operational leg if you like of actually looking underwater for the records. followed in an open way, then the relatives will find what they're looking for. >> and as for the search, rob, what sort of fresh ideas would you be looking for if you were leading this search? is there a possibility that the plane is buried under the thick silt that's there? weather, that's going to be worse. should we be waiting for pieces to wash on shore? what areas would you be considering to try to find this plane? >> i don't think that the concerns about silt are valid at all. if wreckage will be sitting on top of any silt that is down there. i think you're seeing the next phase play out already. the search controllers have made it very clear that they're going wider. that's going to requ
. >>> the hunt for malaysia flight 370 entering a new phase. the bluefin underwater drone is on a different mission outside the search zone. just a short time ago it finished scanning the search zone, the yellow area you see right there in the center of your screen. no clues were found, nothing. australian officials say the bluefin is now scouring areas adjacent to the search zone. it may head north where a different ping was heard weeks ago, plus a new aerial search will begin after bad weather scrapped earlier plans. up to nine military aircraft, 12 ships are set to help in monday's search. so with me now is ocean explorer, fabian cousteau and so why don't we have better technology for deep water ocean searches? >> it's very simple. there hasn't been the funding for it. unfortunately, the technology that we have is very sparse. >> that's it, just a simple answer as that. >> the technology exists. we don't have the money for it. >> because of this, you think that will help? >> if there's more funding? >> yeah. you think it will help more funding now that people are aware -- >> i hate to sp
brian, thank you. >>> you're going to hear why the president is defending malaysia's investigation into the missing flight 370. that is coming up. at your ford dealer think? they think about tires. and what they've been through lately. polar vortexes, road construction, and gaping potholes. so with all that behind you, you might want to make sure you're safe and in control. ford technicians are ready to find the right tires for your vehicle. get up to $120 in mail-in rebates on four select tires when you use the ford service credit card at the big tire event. see what the ford experts think about your tires. at your ford dealer. >>> the hunt for missing malaysian flight 370, they need to reboot. right now they are looking at satellites performed by the british company that could be causing a big problem here. jeff wise, a science and journalist is here with me. i want you to read your latest article. i would pendent experts analyzed the report saying it is riddled with inconsistencies and that the data it presents to justify its conclusion appears to have been fudged. so
sterling's alleged comments at a news conference in malaysia, he said "when ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don't really have to do anything. you just let them talk. that's what happened here." he also said more and you'll hear it a little bit later on. terrance moore is our sports contributor and columnist for and also with us mark o'meara, cnn analyst and defense attorney, and stephanie elam outside the arena right now. kareem abdul jabbar said he is not surprised but donald sterling and magic johnson says he has to go. will this make any bit of difference? >> it's going to make a difference in the fact that he will end up going but you know, putting this in perspective, having done this been in professional sports journalist for 40 something years, don, i'm telling you something that donald sterling is not the only evener that i've ever encountered or general manager with these type of thoughts. he is one of the few owners who has gotten caught saying these things out there in the open. and that's the thing. it's almost like gambling in the piano
was asked about it while traveling in malaysia. >> when ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don't really to do anything, you just let them talk and that's what happened here. >> earlier i spoke with cnn sports rachel nichols and she says donald sterling has a past which might support these latest actions perhaps? >> it's not surprising to hear that kind of talk from donald sterling. for those of your viewers who aren't familiar with him before this incident, give you a little background here. sterling made some of his money in real estate development and two separate times he was sued by the u.s. justice department for discriminating on what kind of tenants he wanted in his buildings, not wanting to rent to blacks, not wanting to rent to hispanics. instead of fighting the lawsuits there was enough evidence against him he settle ford huge amounts. one time it was a record amount. in 2011 he was sued by elgin baylor. baylor is one of the greatest to ever play in the nba. he's an 11-time all-star who worked for sterlig in the management of the clippers. baylor filed a raci
it while traveling in malaysia. >> when ignorant folks want to advertise their thoughts, you don't have to do anything. that's what happened here. >> calls to take action are pouring in from fans, players, and former players. i'm joined by cnn's rachel nichols. magic johnson was referred to in that conversation. listen to what he thinks should happen. >> it's now adam silver and the owners of the league. i'm going to say what i've been saying all along. he's got to give up the team. >> rachel, that's being echoed by many. i just spoke with kareem abdul jabbar. he's speaking a very similar sentiment. >> yeah. look, it's not surprising to hear that kind of talk from donald sterling. for those of your viewers not familiar with him, before this incident, let me give you a little background. ste sterling made some of his money in real estate development and two times he was sued for discriminating about what kind of tenants he had in his buildings. there was enough evidence that sterling settled for huge amounts. one time it was a record amount. an all-star worked for sterling and the manage
, the families of passengers on board missing malaysia airline flight 370 have a new target. what response have they received from boeing so far? we'll take a look. >>> and a ceremony unprecedented in the history of the catholic church. two former popes become saints in one day and nearly a million people gather in vatican city to witness history in the making. >>> we begin today with stunning recorded comments rattling the nba. the long-time owner of the los angeles clippers donald sterling is under fire for making racist remarks. it's sterling fighting with his girlfriend seen here with him in this photo. he allegedly says he doesn't want her associating with african-american players while at the games. listen. >> i saw someone i admire. i admire magic johnson. >> okay. good. >> i'm sorry. he's helped a lot of people. >> i'm finished talking to you. i have nothing more to say. >> and i took a picture with someone i admire. >> good. >> and he happens to be black and i'm sorry. >> i think it's nice that you know him. i know him well and he should be admired. it's just too bad that you can't adm
overseas for more news. president obama is in malaysia and third country he is visiting on his swing through asia. his trip has been mostly ceremonial with the exception of the king and state dinner. sunday it is all work. cnn's jim acosta is traveling with the president. jim, what pressing issues do the united states and malaysia have to work on? >> reporter: well, they are going to be talking about this big pacific trade deal the president would like to see reached. he is not coming home with one so they will continue to try to make progress on it and come together with a deal that all parties of that pacific partnership would like to see. not only here in malaysia but also in japan. and back in the united states, which is going to be a tough sell to the president's own party. but, don, you mentioned the ceremonial aspect of this trip and i think that is really the case here in malaysia. he is going to be visiting a national mosque later today and holding a bilateral meeting with the prime minister here before sitting down for a news conference with reporters. but there is an overa
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of malaysia right now, kuala lumpur. third stop in a week-long swing through asia, trade and security issues to talk about. but there's also the work to find malaysia airlines flight 370 that's been missing for search weeks now. erin mcpike at the white house. erin, what's the president saying about the search? >> reporter: well, don, it has come up, certainly, in his travels in malaysia. and he offered an interview to the malaysian newspaper "the star" yesterday and made some comments about that there, offering his condolences, of course, to the malaysian people about their loss but also made important point bts help that the u.s. has provided that country. i want to read some of those comments to you now. ace friend and partner of malaysia, the united states was one of the first countries to join in the search for the missing plane. u.s. navy ships, aircraft and personnel remain on the scene on the search. our government is working closely with malaysia on the investigation as to what caused the plane to disappear. we will continue to assist in the search and investigation. that's an impor
in asia right now in malaysia and extending his condolences to those who are impacted by the missing plane. thanks so much, at the white house, erin mcpike. >>> here in the u.s., 20 million people could be impacted this weekend by an outbreak of possible deadly tornadoes and storms. let's go straight to meteorologist jennifer grey in a cnn severe weather center. we're really just seeing the beginning of what could be a pretty dangerous season? >> yeah, this is going to be a multi-day event. we had a quiet severe weather season up until now. so this is going to be the most significant event we've seen so far this season. it is getting a late start but that duns mean anything in the way of healthier the storms can be. this is a saturday, sunday, monday and possibly, fred, even into tuesday event for the east coast. we'll start with saturday. and today, that's where we're going see the storms begin to fire up. right now on the radar not so much. we have showers out in the rockies. but we're going to be zeroing in on this area here right from the texas pan hanle all of the way up to nebraska a
violated the country's air space overnight. >> president obama in malaysia this morning. but his visit comes exactly 50 days after flight 370 vanished. >> the nra takes center stage in indianapolis firing back at critics and bringing out the gop's big guns. >>> and get ready to see a lot more of this. the national weather service warning a violent weekend is ahead. >>> take a nice deep breath. i'm victor blackwell. >> we do have breaking news we need to tell you about this hour. the crisis in ukraine, it is intensifying by the hour it seems. the country's prime minister accusi accusing russia of crossing air space multiple time sfwls they are ready to release a round of additional sanctions. we're live in the ukraine with the latest. >> reporter: well, as you're saying, the situation here does grow more tense by the moment. the government in kiev continues to say they are launching what they're calling their anti-terrorism operation. just an indication of how chaotic the situation is, the organization for security and cooperation in europe had mandated a military verification mission h
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23